Upcoming Trips

1) Saturday 11/13 – DAY TRIP to Hudson Highlands Nature Museum (at the Outdoor Discovery Center, on Muser Drive, across from 174 Angola Road, Cornwall, Orange Co. NY) for Hudson Valley Orienteering club’s “Beginners Training and Event” orienteering meet.  Details:

  • We’ll meet at the parking lot at FBC at 8:30 AM. The orienteering training event starts promptly at 10 AM and is about an hour’s drive from Hackensack. After an hour of introductory activities in small groups (which will include map reading, trail safety, how to navigate through an orienteering course and compass reading), there will be White (beginners) and Yellow (advanced beginners) courses. The training class is designed for novice beginners as an introduction to the sport of orienteering.
  • I can’t be certain of the “end time” for the event, but based on past experience, I would expect that we’ll be ready to head home by 3PM and get back to the church around 4PM. If your Scout is attending without their parent, please let us know how to reach you if plans change so that you’ll know when to pick up your scout!
  • 2013 fall camporee orienteering mapFees for those Scouts who are participating in the orienteering training and meet will be $10 which will include the map, 3 instructional groups and the course. (Maps can be saved for later hikes at the museum!) Hot dogs and other refreshments will be available for sale; however, we can also individually pack lunches to save money (scouts are thrifty!)
  • Orienteering is a modern day sport that comes from the basic need to be able to find one’s way through the woods from place to place without “getting lost”. Orienteering combines the use of maps, compass, and the ability to “read the land” to find your current location and navigate to another point. In terms of sporting events, it is a bit like a cross country race without a defined trail or path to follow (except by successfully locating a sequence of markers.) For this event, the white and yellow courses will follow established footpaths and trails and markers will be easy to locate. It is a good way to practice skills without added pressure of “hidden” or “hard to find” markers.


Check the weather report and dress in layered clothing. T-shirt, polo shirt, sweater and jacket will keep you warmer than a simple shirt and winter coat alone. Plus, if you are running around and want to cool down, you can adjust more easily. Our heads loose a lot of our body heat — hats or caps will help you stay warm. While we will likely be on trails for these beginner courses, if you have hiking boots they’ll give your feet and ankles more support over rocky ground. Sneakers would be OK for this trip. As of today (11/11/2010), the forecast shows 61 degrees and Sunny for Saturday in Cornwall.  


From FBC — take Passaic Street North. Turn right onto South Fairview Ave and turn left to enter Route 17 North. Take 17 North to the NY State Thruway to Exit 16 Harriman (Toll = $1.25). Take first exit immediately upon exiting toll booth. At top of ramp, turn right and follow Rt. 32 North for 7 miles. Take right onto Route 107/Quaker Avenue, Cornwall. Proceed uphill make right onto 9W South. Take next exit which is Angola Road. At end of ramp take left onto Angola Road. Take first left onto Muser Drive. Stay on Muser Drive for 0.7 mile until parking lot.

2) Saturday 1/22/2011 – Day Trip:  Army vs. Navy Basketball.  At United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point.  Confirm to Scoutmaster Farrell whether you’re interested in attending, who’s going and pay the $4 per person ticket fee so that we can submit our group ticket order before they sell out!

3) Overnighter – Cabin Trip – TBD:  Details still being developed.  Stay tuned for emails about this trip.



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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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