Troop Meeting Recap (2/21/2011)

Despite the sudden snow and threats of icy roads, we held an abbreviated meeting last night.  Scouts who could not attend may contact their respective Patrol Leader, his assistant or the SPL/ASPL for a more detailed recap of the topics covered.

Topics included:

  1. Merit Badge Blue Cards were distributed to all Scouts and each patrol went over how to fill these cards out correctly and completely.  The Blue Cards are used to register for a Merit Badge and to get the Merit Badge Counselor’s signature when all requirements have been completed.
  2. Summer camp:  Mr. Williams is not able to attend the entire week; however, Connor D. will be 18 before heading to camp and would count as a second adult for Youth Protection purposes.  Additionally, Mr. Williams may be able to attend the tail end of the trip (perhaps Thursday evening thru Saturday’s return from camp).  Mr. Stroup may also attend part of the session.  We have begun to receive deposits from scouts who will attend with us.  The remainder must be sent by mail to the Farrell’s home this week.
  3. The Troop will plan to camp at New Life Island on March 25th.  Several scouts will have a conflict and won’t be able to attend, but that’s OK.  We have plenty of camping trips scheduled.
  4. The Troop decided to participate in the March 4th-5th campout with Troop 777, again, not all Scouts can make that trip, but some can.
  5. A reminder was made about bringing fees for the USMA – West Point – Orienteering Workshop by the next troop meeting.  $25 per Scout, $5 per adult.
  6. We provided a recap of our trip to Valley Forge with a photo slideshow.
  7. The Stealth Patrol presented Camping Merit Badge requirement #5e “Present yourself to your Scoutmaster with your pack for inspection. Be correctly clothed and equipped for an overnight campout.” which is also the same as Tenderfoot Requirement #1.
  8. Those scouts present completed their standing long jumps to finish Tenderfoot Requirements 10a and 10b.

In addition to these topics, an informal adults committee meeting was held to discuss troop finances.

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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