Wawayanda State Park 5/29 – 5/30/2011

Our troop’s final short-term camping trip of the scouting season was conducted on an unusual Sunday into Monday schedule.  We arrived at Wawayanda State Park around 3 PM and got our campsite set up.  It was one of three group sites available at the park and it is located by a creek which provided a nice background music to the warm spring day.

While exploring the creek, our scouts soon discovered a turtle, frog and two-foot long snake!  While wading and splashing in the creek they also discovered a deceased catfish. 

Dinner included grilled burritos and “kabobs without the sticks” made in a dutch oven over the campfire.  Clean up after dinner was followed by cooking super-sized marshmallows over the campfire and playing card games by lantern light.

Following a devotional time everyone headed to their tents.  Around 5:30 AM all were awakened by a line of severe thunderstorms that moved through the area for about 45 minutes.  While we had done a good job of setting up our tents, we all managed to get some water in each tent, but we were able to hang stuff on a clothesline during the day to dry.

To “work off” our breakfast of egg sandwiches and pancakes, ASPL Kurtis worked out a great hike for the troop — around the lake via the “Pumphouse Trail” (Orange Blaze), Cherry Ridge Road, and the “Laurel Pond Trail” (Yellow Blaze).   It was about a five-mile circuit which featured boulders, cliffs, bright orange salamanders, strange fungi, rhododendrons and bubbling brooks.

After a hearty lunch of salad, meat and beans, we packed the cars and headed to the beachfront at the lake for some swimming.  On the way home we stopped for drinks at a convenience store and greeted patiently waiting parents at the church parking lot.   Photos will be uploaded to our share site sometime this week.

Due to scheduling conflicts, several troop meetings in early June may be cancelled.  Troop families will be receiving emails about these calendar changes and we will definately meet on June 20 and June 27 prior to summer camp at Resica Falls Scout Reservation.   Please note that we are still planning on a Sunday afternoon outing with Mr. Cahilly to work on plant/tree identification, and we will be operating on some sort of a modified schedule during the summer months.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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