Troop Meeting Recap (6/27/2011)

Last night, our troop conducted its first Court of Honor.  

A Court of Honor (COH) is an opportunity to formally recognize the advancement activity of each scout in the troop.  Some troops hold a COH as part of an annual family dinner/banquet, others hold them as often as four times a year.  They can be formal, “dress up” affairs, or modest extensions of a normal troop meeting.  Ideally, they both celebrate the past and promote goal setting for the future.

Since our troop has never conducted a COH, and we’ve been working on skills for the past eight months, we had a lot to cover.  Our program included:

  • An opening ceremony with an opening prayer of thanksgiving, the presentation of flags, and the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introductory remarks by our Charter Organization Representative (and Committee Chair) – Pastor Ward
  • A candle lighting ceremony designed to provide insights into the meaning of the Scout Oath and Law
  • An awards presentation hosted by SM Farrell and ASM Stroup highlighted the advancement of our 18 registered scouts:
    • 12 “Scout Badge”;
    • 6 “Tenderfoot Rank”;
    • 1 “Second Class Rank”;
    • 2 “First Class Rank”
    • 1 “Star Rank”
    • 8 merit badge cards
  • An audio-visual program commemorating our past activities/outings (we’re working on a way to share with all the troop families – stay tuned)
  • A Scoutmaster Minute
  • Concluding remarks by our Master of Ceremonies (James C. – who did a VERY good job all evening)
  • Closing ceremony

The evening concluded with refreshments in the lounge and a time of family social networking.  We’ll be uploading pictures to the troop’s photo share site.

What’s up next?  First of all, many of the scouts in our troop are heading to summer camp (some for two weeks!) and many will be working on advancement over the course of the summer while they have some extra “free time” away from school.  We’ll meet on July 11th and set our schedule for the summer.  We’ll have another COH sometime during the start of school season and again in December.

We’ve begun to research trips for the Fall and the troop will meet to set the calendar for the coming scout year.  All trips are subject to cancellation for lack of drivers or adult supervision — BSA requires a minimum of two adults on any trip and we’ll need parents to commit to participate in order to fully enjoy the activities that are available to their sons. 

Possible outings include:  Scout Day Football @ USMA (West Point); Sandy Hook Camping (and Oceanography MB); Scout Day @ National Constitution Center; camporees; camping at council camps or state parks; Jockey Hollow History Hike, etc.

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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One Response to Troop Meeting Recap (6/27/2011)

  1. Leslie Sonkin says:

    Congratulations to all of the Scouts in Troop 113! Great job, guys!
    Leslie Sonkin, Tantaqua District Chair
    Council Activities Chair for the Northern New Jersey Council

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