Columbus Day Campout at FBC

On Sunday, October 9th, several members of our troop gathered at our Chartering Organization – First Baptist Church (FBC) of Hackensack.  We attended the evening worship service and then held a campout in the Gym!

One of our younger scouts had requested the responsibility of being the grubmaster for the trip and one of our more experienced scouts assisted him.  For dinner we made spaghetti with meat sauce and had freshly baked, multigrain bread.  Our grubmaster learned that waiting for water to boil on a propane stove is pretty boring and is interested in cooking pasta in new and exciting ways (such as in casserole or chili type meals) so that he can have more time for patrol activities.  This is one of the points of the scouting program — letting the young men learn what works and what doesn’t always work as easily as planned.  He did a great job and everyone had plenty to eat. 

Following patrol-led game time, we all met to work on Oceanography Merit Badge.  There were worksheets for all of the scouts.  The scouts split into two groups to use the internet and our Oceanography MB booklets to learn about ocean features and how to describe them.  Once the teams were back together, spokespersons from each team delivered a briefing on what had been learned in their own group.  We wrapped up the merit badge workshop around 1 AM and got the patrols situated for the evening.  Some slept in the gym and others in the youth lounge (on sofas!).

At 7:15, reveille sounded throughout the school and church buildings as Pastor George turned on the intercom system and used a downloaded sound file on his phone to wake us up!  By 8 AM everyone was enjoying juice, cocoa, coffee, bagels and hot oatmeal.  One scout, in an effort to compete a requirement for Camping MB, used a back packing stove to prepare his breakfast.

By 10 AM everyone had packed up and were being picked up by parents.

Our next troop meeting will be on 10/17 at 7PM — scouts need to bring their worksheets and plankton net devices for inspection.  The trip to Sandy Hook National Park is only two weeks away!  We have an exciting schedule lined up between now and the Holidays.  Also, Klondike Derby will soon be here — anyone ready to paint our sleds?

Popcorn sale extended to this Saturday, 10 AM  to 2 PM at Big Lots on Route 46 West in Clifton, NJ!  Please support our troop by buying popcorn!


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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