Over the top Eagle COH Cakes

The National Eagle Scout Association recently posted (to facebook) photos of some highly elaborate cakes that were made to celebrate the Eagle Court of Honor.

These cakes can be made by local bakeries by showing them photos and asking whether they can duplicate the cake.  I’m sure some of these cakes were quite expensive, and required a “force of will” to actually cut up and eat.

If you’re a facebook user you can search for and “like” the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) for updates, or try this link to their album – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.311071902252563.95438.284314304928323&type=3

You might also search google images or use your favorite search engine to find additional inspiration.  I recently found these interesting examples online.

Sample Eagle COH Cake 3 Sample Eagle COH Cake 6 Sample Eagle COH Cake 7 Sample Eagle COH Cake 8 Sample Eagle COH Cake 9 Sample Eagle COH Cake 10 Sample Eagle COH Cake 11 Sample Eagle COH Cake 12 Sample Eagle COH Cake 13 Sample Eagle COH Cake 14 SONY DSC Sample Eagle COH Cake 16


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