Troop Meeting Recap (12/5/2011)

Our new troop meeting program features patrol meetings and PLC meeting on the first Monday of each month.  This evening’s session also included a practice session for our upcoming Court of Honor program.

The PLC meeting provided time to refine the plans for troop meeting topics, who’d research and present those topics and how we’d tie them into advancement or upcoming trips.

The PLC decided that January’s meetings should focus on getting ready for Klondike — especially reminders about knot tying and getting the sleds tuned up for competition.  If we can arrange for a presentation about cold weather gear from Campmor, we’d like to do that, too.  Moving into February, there’s a bit of prep work needed to get ready for Valley Forge and other trips so those topics are easy to predict.

Lancers will be in charge of games and set-up/clean-up during January while Stealth handles the educational component.  The patrols will switch off responsibilities during each subsequent month.

There was some interest in pursuing Merit Badge work during troop meetings – especially later in the year. 

Discussion turned to getting ready for the upcoming mini-klondike.  Our troop would like to host a fire building, tripod lashing and/or cooking station.  SM Farrell will discuss this with SM Vigario of troop 777.  One of the interesting ideas was to include a bonus cooking event like the TV show “chopped” where the chef has to assemble something edible from strange mystery ingredients.  We’ll modify that to include reasonable ingredients to be combined into a dessert.

A suggestion was made that we consider another “camp at the church” event with a sports theme to help get the sports merit badge.  SPL Farrell encouraged the patrols to think about doing some of their own activities on their own time in addition to troop events.  The pushback was that the effort needed to plan a patrol event was about the same as planning a troop event so why not just invite everyone?

While the PLC was meeting, our Troop Guide was conducting a First Aid workshop to help scouts complete (or review) their basic First Aid requirements (Tenderfoot to First Class).

Unless we need to modify the schedule, we’ll continue to earmark the first Monday as a Patrol/PLC/Troop Guide evening.


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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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