Troop Meeting Recap (01/09/2012)

This week’s troop meeting included a very special presentation by Mr. Jeff DeVries – an “Outdoor Educator” from Campmor, a local outdoor adventure outfitter.

Mr. DeVries and his wife came with loads of gear samples and covered four long tables with boots, gloves, stoves, mess kits, tents, sleeping bags and much more.  For about an hour, Mr. DeVries patiently educated our scouts (and their parents and leaders) on how to effectively and efficiently “gear up” for scouting outdoor activities. 

We learned about the various weights and fabrics used in clothes, how to layer from long underwear (wicking layer) to fleece/wool (insulation layer) to shell jackets (for wind/water resistance).  He explained that some products may be too much of a good value (over buying for the intended use) and others that look like a great value really leave you exposed in one way or another.  This was helpful to families whose budget is tight, but they also want to be certain that their sons are safe and prepared.

We learned about varied cooking systems, fuels, accessories, safety features, and how filter water when we’re out on the trail.  From freeze-dried foods to fitting backpacks to growing young men, he shared his expertise and got the scouts really excited about getting outdoors.

All uniformed scouts got discount cards, catalogs and fact sheets on a wide range of topics (how to properly store and care for your sleeping bag, etc.) which they could add to their scouting notebooks.

After helping Mr. DeVries load his car, we concluded our meeting by discussing our upcoming Klondike derby.   Due to the time constraints we postponed our typical Scoutmaster Minute until next week.

Thank you, again, Mr. DeVries and thank you Campmor for supporting our troop program.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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