Troop Meeting Recap (1/16/2012)

I’ve long observed from prior experience that the troop meeting that immediately precedes a Klondike Derby tends to be the single most chaotic (and fun) troop meeting of the year.  Everyone is anticipating the competition and anxious to make certain that their patrol box and sled are stocked, prepped and ready to go.

Our evening included a presentation on Orienteering by our Troop Guide (which also helped him to fulfill one of the requirements for Orienteering Merit Badge), a cold weather reminder session by our Senior Patrol Leader (including what to wear and what to leave at home), and lots of patrol time spent getting gear sorted and inventoried.

It’s also recharter time for our troop — time to renew scout and leader registrations and commit to another year of the scouting program.  Several families have cut checks to the troop to cover their renewals, and more will do so soon. 

Our troop has had a great first year with trips, outings, 14+ nights of camping and fun troop meetings.  Now, our patrol leadership council is planning a strong program to run between now and this year’s summer camp experience at No-be-bos-co Scout Reservation.  Some activities planned for February include visiting USMA at West Point for the Army versus Navy Basketball game, cabin camping at Delmont Scout Reservation and visiting Valley Forge National Park for their annual Scout Pilgrimage.   Looking further down the calendar we’re discussing various possibilities ranging from history hikes to canoe trips, camporees and service project weekends.

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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