2012 Three Rivers District Klondike

While our troop had a schedule conflict and couldn’t attend this year’s district Klondike Derby, we did get an update on the success of the event.   What made this year’s event interesting was that three scout districts merged to cover a larger “service area”.  This meant a potentially huge turnout at the event.

From the district newsletter:

“An estimated 1,200 people attended this year’s Klondike Derby, including Scouts,  webelos, unit leaders, parents, and staff. Event organizer Allen Sterk said that the registration table assigned numbers to 83 Klondike sleds. The unit count was 34 Scout troops and 27 Cub packs, some with enough boys to man two sleds or 3 or even 4!

Six skill stations were set up along the access road, and Scouts and Webelos took their sleds from one to another until the competition ended and the call came to start the signature sled race. 

To give an idea of how Scouts competed, some of the stations were:

  • Orienteering had a Super Bowl theme that told Scouts to score by carrying a football and a trophy across the goal line. But first they had to use compass skills to find the small cardboard football and the 3-inch plastic trophy. There were also a couple of extra requirements straight out of the Scout Handbook.
  • Campsite Setup had a theme of lost in the Arctic with an impending storm coming on. This called for a well staked-down tent, a sturdy rain fly, and a quick hot meal. An extra requirement was to work out the compass bearing to a distant location.
  • Fire Building was simple: A member of your patrol fell into a stream and is cold, wet, and shivering. Get a fire going as quickly as possible! However only “natural wood” was allowed, which Scouts were instructed to bring with them from home. A hint for next year from the station’s “mayor”: “For tinder, pull bunches of pine needles from that Christmas tree being thrown out.”
  • Knots and Lashings had the theme of using a rescue knot to haul a Scout out of a crevasse, followed by improvising a flag on a long pole to signal for help.

You can read more about the Klondike in an article posted by NorthJersey.com using this link: http://www.northjersey.com/mahwah/138280224_Scouts_test_their_winter_skills.html?c=y&page=2


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