Delmont SR Cabin Trip (2/17-19/2012)

On Friday, 2/17/2012, we departed FBC at 5 PM to head to Pennsburg, PA.  Specifically we went to Camp Delmont – part of the Musser Scout Reservation.  Traffic on the final leg of the trip was amazing — we took almost an hour to go the last 15 miles from the highway to the camp due to holiday weekend congestion on traffic light controlled, PA route 309.

Upon arrival at Camp Delmont, we learned that our cabin was without power and we would be moved to an adjoining camp (Camp Hart) for the weekend.  At Camp Hart, we checked into a cabin called “Yellow Bear” and got started cleaning, prepping dinner and working a fire in the Franklin Stove.

It was after Midnight when we were all ready for sleep, and thankfully, the fire kept the cabin at a reasonable temperature through the night.

In the morning, patrols made their breakfast and after cleaning up, small groups started exploring the surrounding camp including the river, islands, and trails.  One of our Assistant Scoutmasters prefers to sleep in his hammock and constructed a hammock stand out of branches and lashings (which he moved into the cabin and used on Saturday evening!)

Our scouts had a great time capturing islands from each other in the river and only got a little wet.  Next they roasted their socks and boots by the fire while playing games in the cabin.

A late lunch was well received by all and then a small group packed up and headed home.  Two adults and seven scouts remained for dinner and an additional night of camping. 

After getting the cabin cleaned and prepped for an early departure, we got another good night’s sleep and headed back to FBC in the morning.

Photos from the trip have been uploaded to our scout troop’s photo share site.  If your family has forgotten the password, it was sent this morning to all troop families.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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