Troop Meeting Recap (3/26/2012)

Last night, we had three teams of scouts prepare meals as part of a friendly competition.

Team A prepared “Trash-Bag Taco Salad” (pre-cooked and seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheesy flavored tortilla chips, shredded cheese and Catalina dressing all dumped into a trash bag and tossed liberally) and served it right from the trash bag.  They also prepared dark chocolate dipped Oreos on popsicle sticks as a dessert. 

This team’s advantage was cooking the meat at home and keeping it chilled until serving time.  This made for quick meal prep and by using the trash bag as mixing device and clean up bag (when everyone was done) they kept the meal simple.  They also had a reasonable mix of food groups.   While they could have augmented with fruit for dessert in lieu of the cookies, no one was complaining about the cookies (and the cookies disappeared very quickly)!

Team B prepared “Souped Up Soup” — canned soup with added spices and details.  Served with traditional crackers, it was hearty, hot and delicious!  While critics of canned soup rightly point out that they often have very high sodium levels, if used infrequently, it can speed preparation time and help a tired, hungry patrol get refueled fast.  The crackers provide additional carbs, and fruit or applesauce could round out the meal as a dessert if desired.

Team C was, arguably, the most ambitious team of the group.  They brought raw veggies (onions and green peppers) from home to be sliced on site, they prepared a charcoal fire on a dutch oven table for cooking, and made “Chicken Burritos” (chicken from a can, onions, peppers, rice and shredded cheese).  The burritos were wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked over the coals.  For dessert, they made a trifle of vanilla pudding, sliced strawberries and vanilla wafers.  While this meal involved more prep work on site, it ramped up the value by using fresh veggies and pre-cooked (chilled) rice from home.  The chicken from a can upped the sodium level slightly, but made for easy transport and easy clean up.  Foil wraps served as serving plates and clean up was accomplished by recycling the foil.

Following the clean up cycle, we continued our meeting with the following activities:

  1. Bob Stroup announced a troop outing on Sunday April 15th.  We will meet at FBC in the main parking lot at 1 PM.  We will drive to Harriman State Park in New York and take a six-mile hike.  While the hike will not involve scaling mountains there will be some up and down sections and parents are encouraged to come along for the event.  Permission slips will be provided at the next troop meeting.
  2. Several awards were presented:  James C. received his interpreter strip for Espanol; Tom P. received his Tenderfoot patch; Tristan D. received his Second Class patch; and David T. received his Star patch. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.
  3. David T. presented a speech on his hometown as partial fulfillment of requirements for both Communication MB and Citizenship in the Community MB.
  4. SM Farrell presented a scoutmaster minute on the continuing series on the twenty attributes of a Godly man.
  5. Reminders were issued about summer camp payments and selecting a grubmaster for the upcoming Valley Forge History Trail campout.

The next troop meeting will be held on April 2nd.  This will be our normal “first meeting of the month” schedule — Patrol Meetings followed by the PLC meeting. 

Scouts are encouraged to work on their five-minute speech to be delivered as partial fulfillment of Communications MB — if the speech is on their hometown, it may also count towards Citizenship in the Community MB (requirement #8).

FBC of Hackensack will be holding a men’s ministry breakfast on 4/14/2012 at 7:45 AM (a Saturday morning).  Scouts and their dads are welcome to attend.  If you need more information, please contact SM Farrell or the church office.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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