Harriman State Park Hike (4/15/2012)

On Sunday, April 15th, three scouts and three adults from Troop 113 traveled to Harriman State Park for a five-mile hike to the “lemon squeezer” rock formation.

We arrived at the parking area around 2 PM and returned by 7 PM.  Along the way we used a network of marked trails including:  White Bar (WB); Red; Lichen; and Red Triangle.  We crossed streams, climbed ridges and navigated boulder fields. 

Upon arriving at the Lemon Squeezer, we explored the caves, portals and tunnels.  We also took a lunch break and enjoyed a buffet of bread, steak-jerky, gummi bears and fresh fruit (somehow I think this menu could ONLY appeal to boy scouts!) 

The trip back to the parking area was along ridgelines where we managed to spot large birds of prey and enjoy magnificent views of the hill and valley system running through the area.

I’d like to especially thank our Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep, Bob Stroup, for organizing and leading this trip.  His involvement with our troop has been extremely valuable and I really appreciate his commitment to the program.

Photos from the trip can be seen at our photoshare site: http://boyscoutphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/1510 (troop friends and family — if you need the password, email Scoutmaster Farrell)

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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