Troop Meeting Recap (4/30/2012)

Last night, we had several scouts present speeches for both Communications and Citizenship in the Community Merit Badges.  It was a good experience for these young men to practice getting up in front of a group of peers to make a presentation.  One was a five-minute speech on the meaning of the twelve points of the Scout Law.  Others summarized the history and makeup of their home towns. 

In our ongoing effort to prepare for summer camp (a week-long adventure at an area Scout Reservation), we passed out worksheets and sections of the Camp Somers leaders guide.  These handouts were designed to help scouts begin to formalize what they plan to work on during camp.   This year, we’ll be heading to Camp Somers at Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation (MASR).  The camp offers ATV riding, mountain biking, shooting sports, boating, swimming, handicraft, pioneering (builing things from rope and branches), emergency preparedness, first aid, and much more.

One of the many inter-troop competitions that will be held during our week at camp is cookie baking over a fire.  I know most of us are used to using our ovens at home to bake cookies so the natural question is “how do we translate baking into the outdoors?”  Well, interestingly enough, you can build an outdoor oven out of a cardboard box and some aluminium foil!  We discussed the need to practice for the cookie baking contest and there is ample interest in working on carboard ovens and making cookies (possibly in teams) during May.

We also had a visitor to our meeting — Kurtis W’s younger brother, Caleb.  We were also informed by a troop mom to expect an interested family to possibly visit with us next week, too!

We hosted a devotional on how godly men should “be able to teach”.  We discussed what that phrase means and why it would be very useful to a man as he becomes a husband and father.  We also examined how it could mean to mentor or guide distressed people through their trials and help them to grow. 

Next week’s meeting is Patrol and PLC meeting so scouts should be thinking about what they want to do in May and June, and be prepared to work on sign offs as-needed or to work in small groups on Merit Badge work. 

Scouts — remember we may have visitors next week so “be prepared” to make them feel welcome and practice the Oath and Law (friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, etc.)

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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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