Recently Awarded Eagle Scout Scholarships (2012)

Scouting Magazine recently posted an update about four notable Eagle scouts who received scholarships.  Their article (click here) attempts to sum up the value of BSA‘s scouting program as a key part in preparing our scouts for their future lives.  The process of participating in the program helps develop leadership skills, teamwork, and a desire to work hard.

Ultimately, scouts who persist and achieve recognition as an Eagle often attract the attention of scholarship boards.  They’ve demonstrated that they’d make a good “investment” of the scholarship funds and follow through on their advanced education and, ultimately, career path.  These scouts have a strong sense of commitment to their surrounding community as actively participating citizens.  Additionally, the recent Baylor University Study shows that Eagles, long after they “graduate” from the youth program, continue to model key attributes and behaviors that set them apart as leaders and helpers.

A summary of the four scholarships summarized by Scouting Magazine:

  • NESASTEM Scholarship = $50,000
  • Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke Eagle Scout Scholarship = $48,000
  • United Health Foundation Scholarship = $25,000
  • Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award = $2,500

Excerpt from the article: “Hard work pays. And in the case of these four Eagle Scouts, I mean that quite literally. The recipients of the four most-prestigious scholarships from the National Eagle Scout Association have one thing in common, in addition to their rank in Scouting: Each went above and beyond in their commitment to service, education, and leadership.”

The article has four embedded videos to introduce the young men and how they earned their respective scholarships.


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