Troop 113 Reminders

A couple reminders for our troop families:

1) TONIGHT is our “baking with charcoal in cardboard boxes” evening.  This is a great time to bring a friend who may be interested in checking out scouts for the first time.

Stephen, Joshua and Tristan have each constructed a cardboard box oven, and we will bring a “raw/unfinished” box to demonstrate the construction process.  The Farrells are donating two batches of Oatmeal Raisin Cookie mix and ‘fixins’ (eggs/butter) to make the dough; however, if you’d like to try your own favorite recipe (for consideration at the summer camp “bake off”) please bring all the needed ingredients and tools tonight (i.e. mixing bowl, etc.)

We will be meeting outside in the courtyard by the adult lounge near the parking lot.

2) If your family is able to donate to the Friends of Scouting Program this year, please bring your donation in an envelope with your contact information so that your family is credited for the donation.  If you would like to get one of the special patches, I have them to distribute based on the donation level, etc.  Our goal is to get a donation (no matter the size) from each family IF possible.  Scouting appreciates the participation more than the amount (but also needs the support to continue to maintain our owned camps, offer special programs and discout programs for our troops, etc.)

3) Families of scouts going to summer camp — Monday is a very hectic day at camp for both scouts and leaders (finding all the program areas, learning the schedule, etc.) — one thing that makes it much easier for the adults is being able to “spot” our scouts among a crowd of boys at the field/dining hall/lake, etc.  If possible, could you get your son a BLACK T-Shirt to wear on monday (plain black, or with some sort of design on the front is OK) — this will help us spot your sons and be able to gather them together.  Many boy scout troops get custom t-shirts made for their troop and it looks really great when everyone is wearing the same t-shirt, but it’s also a HUGE help to the leaders.   We’ve previously looked into custom shirts and they’re pretty expensive for a troop of our size so we’re recommending a plain black t-shirt for just MONDAY.

4) If you have not turned in your physicals, or consent forms for summer camp, please bring them tonight.

5) If your son is going to require any medications during camp, please list them on a sheet of paper along with the dosage (“as needed” or “once a day”, etc.) so that our leaders can turn this information over to the health lodge (they hold and administer the meds)

6) Any scout who is close to completing a rank should remember to bring their handbook, review their requirements, and let one of the older scouts or scoutmasters know what they need to accomplish.

7) The typical/average high temperature for Camp Somers during our scheduled week at camp is 83 degrees and the evening lows are typically around 60 degrees (which is actually pretty chilly).  Of course, we’ll need to watch the weather as we get closer to the trip dates for any un-seasonal changes in the weather.

8) We’re continuing our scout program through the summer and have two camping trips in the planning stages — one for the end of July and one at the end of August.  MORE DETAILS TO COME.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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