The Night Before Camp

Twas the night before camp, when all through the house…
Every family member was filling stuff sacks and rucksacks under the watchful eye of the scoutmaster’s loving spouse.

The backpacks were neatly stacked be the door…
And patrol box inventories were scattered across the living room floor.

Other parents placed last minute calls…
To be certain their sons were fully prepared for all sorts of weather from high heat to sudden rain squalls.

We soon grew tired and longed for rest…
Knowing full well that despite our best efforts to prepare that we depend on God to be blessed.

So with one last push we conclude our efforts to stow
All that junk we “might” need should the woods become radioactive and start to unexpectedly glow.

(You can’t be too safe, you know!)

So we’ll see our friends tomorrow
To start a week of fun
Swimming, boating and shooting arrows with a bow
In the glorious, blistering, hot sun.

OK…so I had better keep my day job.  A poet I am not.  Still I’m hopeful you are smiling … please direct me to my cot.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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One Response to The Night Before Camp

  1. Mary T. says:

    I think it is Perfectly funny !!! LOL Have a great time 🙂
    Please tell Alex I am thinking of Him !!!
    Mary T.

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