2012 Camp Somers – Friday


We have had a wonderful week at camp. Each scout should be able to relate a specific story about camp and what he learned.

Whether it deals with a special project completed, a staff member who went the extra mile to help a struggling scout, the zany antics and songs, the FOOD, the bugs or the great activities each scout has been changed in some way for the best.

The team at Camp Somers has been hospitable, courteous, kind, cheerful, and thrifty by delivering their programs with zeal, a constant series of requests for feedback and sensible economy.

They deserve praise for their efforts and i can highly recommend this camp to units on the lookout for something fresh and/or special.

The boys are; however, split on where they’d like to go next year. Many would be happy here for the remainder of their scout careers, but a few scouts miss fossil rock and the “open afternoon” program of Resica Falls S.R.

As a scoutmaster, my goals for the troop’s experience have been fulfilled: they’ve had to work together to overcome obstacles; the SPLs have had ample direct contact with adult leaders (providing feedback, making requests, seeking clarification); the patrols have practiced working together on cooking and competing as a team; the individual scouts have accomplished advancement pertinent to their current rank; we’ve had opportunities to put less experienced scouts into more demanding roles to see how they perform (and so we could provide coaching); and so on.

The best outcome has been that the boys know each other better, trust each other more, and learn to work together more efficiently.

I’ve had time to reflect on our first two years as a unit and think about how far we’ve come. More importantly, where we head next.

There are a ton of opportunities waiting for us in the fall season and we’re going to have to balance those against Troop Leadership Training which will be important as our current SPL ages out of the program.

Year three doesn’t officially start until November, but we’ll be there soon enough. Time for LUNCH …gotta run!


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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