Devotional – Summing Up the Attributes of Godly Men

Over the past several months, we’ve examined a list of attributes taken from the Bible to describe a godly man. We’ve examined several of these qualities in detail:

  • the need to be well rounded (growing in maturity);
  • above reproach,
  • morally pure;
  • temperate;
  • prudent;
  • respectable;
  • hospitable,
  • able to teach; and
  • not addicted to substances (self control, avoiding temptations).

Which of these have you struggled with since covering them during a troop meeting? Any? Which do you feel you’ve got locked down pretty tight? Are there any you want to discuss further?

The list of attributes continues with a mix of behaviors to avoid and behaviors to pursue:

  • godly men should NOT be self-willed (not self-centered or controlling);
  • not quick-tempered (controlling anger);
  • not abusive;
  • not materialistic (free from the love of money)….

On the other hand, they should strive to be:

  • gentle;
  • peaceable;
  • managing your own household well;
  • loving/seeking what is good (pursuing godly activities);
  • just;
  • devout (devoted to God) and
  • self-controlled (disciplined).

As scouts we’ve pledged our honor to do our best to do our duty to God, Others and Self.  We will obey the scout law.

For those of us who are Christians, we have the whole Bible to occupy our attention when determining our values and behavior. The attributes listed by Paul in his letters to Timothy and Titus can serve as guideposts for us as men — we need to hold our choices and actions accountable to these ideals. Granted, we’re not perfect nor could we be; however, that’s never an excuse to cover our poor behavior.

As we head through the remainder of the summer season and into the Fall, I’d like to shift gears and spend more time during our scoutmaster minutes on leadership development — one of the eight methods of scouting.

Interestingly, in beginning my research on leadership development, I stumbled across a Learning For Life publication aimed at homeschoolers called the “Leadership Development Guidebook”.  In this curriculum it lists Fourteen Leadership Character Traits:

  1. Integrity
  2. Knowledge
  3. Courage
  4. Decisiveness
  5. Dependability
  6. Initiative
  7. Tact
  8. Justice
  9. Enthusiasm
  10. Bearing
  11. Endurance
  12. Unselfishness
  13. Loyalty
  14. Judgment

While this is a distinctive list, there are some parallels to the scout law, the concepts of the scout oath, and our list of attributes of godly men.  Which ones stand apart and why?


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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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