Troop Meeting Recap (8/13/2012)

Last night, the troop accomplished a lot for a mid-summer meeting.  We even had a visiting father and son participate in our meeting!

During our opening ceremony, our SPL challenged the patrols to give off-the-cuff responses to questions asked about various points of the Scout Oath and Law.  Correct, informative and helpful responses gained the patrol time to prepare for an interpatrol competition to be held later.   It proved to be a healthy exercise for the scouts to think on their toes and to construct concise statements explaining the Oath and Law in their own words.

Later the troop committee hosted a number of Boards of Review for scouts who were hoping to advance in rank — having mastered the skills introduced in their handbooks.

The main interpatrol competition focused on a simulated ice rescue using rope and the need to tie a strong bow line knot.  Based on the time “won” during the opening game, each patrol had prep time to refresh their members about the bow line knot.  While each patrol did manage to rescue all of their victims in quick time (and have fun dragging scouts around the gym floor), everyone agreed that Stealth Patrol had the competition well in hand from a time perspective, completing their rescues in under 30 seconds.   Lancers Patrol; however, did a great job and while they may have taken a little more time, their rope was severely kinked and knotted which made throwing it to their trapped victim problematic.

Upstairs in the youth lounge, we cooled down in the AC and got to work with announcements, including the new STEM-based NOVA and Supernova curriculum and awards program.  This was covered in a recent blog posting and the boys seemed interested in pursuing the program.

Next, we reviewed the various special scout themed events that will be happening this Fall.  The challenge for the scouts will be to decide which events to skip in order to plan out their calendar.  This won’t be an easy task since there are many favorites on the list and many new opportunities, too.   Scouts were instructed to review the list between now and next meeting to help get a final plan worked out.

Since we were running over our allotted time, we very briefly reviewed our next installment on leadership, and encouraged the scouts to review the handouts before the next meeting.

To close out the meeting, we had an announcement from our SPL about his Eagle project and his request for assistance from the troop families for fundraising support.

Next meeting will be 8/20/2012 @ 7 PM — NO MEETING ON LABOR DAY.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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