An Important Decision: The Eagle Project

Here is a link to a very nice blog article that I encourage Life (and Star) Scouts to read:  An Important Decision: The Eagle Project.   I really felt that the article offered good advice on three priorities to consider when selecting a Eagle project:

  • Number 1#: Choose something you’re passionate about.

You’re only going to have one Eagle Project, and you are going to look back and remember what you did for your project the rest of your life. Make sure it is something you really care about. Make it worthwhile for you. If you choose something that you really care about, it will show in your work, and you will learn the most and help the most.

  • Number 2#: Choose something that Challenges you.

I cannot overstate how much I have learned from my Eagle Project so far. There is so much about communication, organization, planing, and etc. that I was very poor at. With the greater portion of my project behind me, I can see how much it has helped me grow and how much it has taught me. Even if you think it’ll be a great idea, don’t choose it if it will be really simple to accomplish. The Eagle Project is not about how little we can do and still pass the board of review, but about how much we can push ourselves and accomplish.

  • Number 3#: Shoot for something Big.

An Eagle Scout Project is an excellent opportunity to accomplish big things. There are many, many people out there who love to help Scouts with Eagle Project. I’ve come to realize that being a Scout has a way of eliminating obstacles that anyone else would have to face if they were attempting the project on their own. So take this opportunity do do something significant. Do something that’s permanent and that will keep on serving the community for years and years to come. Do something that saves lives or significantly improves the quality of life. This is your opportunity, and it is a great one. Don’t waste it!

Please make a moment to review the entire article at  If you like it as much as me, please click the “like button” or share the link with others!


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