Troop Meeting Recap (9/17/2012)

Last night, we were stuck in our scout lounge since it was “back to school night” at Hackensack Christian School; however, we made the most of it and got a lot accomplished:

  • We’ve signed up four dads and ten scouts for our upcoming camporee trip to Winnebago Scout Reservation for their annual “Buckskin Games” which include team events in:
    • Tomahawk Toss/Knife Throwing
    • Blindfolded Rowboat Racing
    • Shotgun/Rifle/Archery Competition
    • Fire Building (timed event)
    • and more!
  • The troop confirmed Kurtis as the new Senior Patrol Leader
  • The patrols will elect Patrol Leaders at the next meeting, and then Kurtis will appoint his assistant and the other PORs
  • We reviewed the annual popcorn sale product line up and details
  • We discussed meal planning for the upcoming camporee (keep it simple, consider “no-cooking” options so that we can spend less time on clean up duty)
  • The scouts played a round of “sardines” outside

We concluded the meeting (ON TIME!) with our devotional Scoutmaster Minute titled “Be Prepared”.

Next meeting is Monday 9/24/2012 at 7PM.  SM Farrell will be out of town; however, ASMs Ward and Tarantino will be there along with other parents.  Several Boards of Review are planned — parents we need you!


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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