Troop Meeting Recap (12/3/2012)

Apologies to readers who are used to more frequent postings.  Work has been impinging on this scoutmaster’s time for blogging lately; however, this scoutmaster is grateful for steady, gainful employment, too!

The good news is that our troop continues to move towards 100% Boy-Led status since we founded the troop about two years ago.  Our youth leadership team has been taking the lead for about a year and our recent transition to a new Senior Patrol Leader has been smooth and productive.

During this week’s meeting, the patrols focused on getting ready for an inter-troop Klondike Derby.  We’ll be tent camping and then participating in an abbreviated derby at a county park.  This is a chance to test our scout skills in a friendly competition.  Towns along the route include:

Each town will include specific skill challenges and must be completed in under thirty minutes prior to dragging the patrol/team sled to the next town along the route.

The competition reinforces learning and experiences derived from our many campouts and troop meetings.  The Aims of Scouting are to build a boy’s:

  1. Character (his values, decision-making and behavior);
  2. Participating citizenship (service work to benefit others); and
  3. Fitness (physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual).

The competition encourages teamwork, practical leadership, self-reliance, discipline and a focus on doing one’s very best.  Additionally, the skills taught in preparing for the event will be helpful to him throughout his life — whether camping, tending to family, working for an employer, or running his own business.

Later this month, the troop will be bowling (our traditional post-Christmas activity), and then we’ll be planning our activities from January thru Summer Camp in July.  Oh, the scouts decided that they want to return to Resica Falls Scout Reservation this summer so I’ll be filing out the needed paperwork to reserve a spot at Resica.

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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