Tonight’s Meeting (01/07/2013)

Since this will be the first meeting of the month, we’ll be holding a Patrol Leadership Council (PLC) meeting to plan the next series of meetings and outings.

During the PLC meeting, the Patrol Leaders should have some activities planned for their patrols to be implemented and supervised by their APL.  This could be to work on their Pinewood Derby car ideas, completing Tenderfoot thru First Class requirements with younger scouts, or working as a small group on completing Merit Badge requirements (or a combination of these types of activities.)

Tonight, we will distribute Pinewood Derby car kits to each scout.  The first kit is paid

Green Hornet Mobile!

Green Hornet Mobile!

for out of the troop’s budget, but if you lose this kit, or need a new kit as replacement, you’ll be asked to pay for the subsequent kit.   While we have not yet set a date and time for our derby race, we’ll be discussing that at the PLC meeting tonight, too.

Scouts, think about the types of activities you’d like to do over the next couple of months and bring those ideas to the meeting.  This is YOUR troop and you can make it more fun and less tedious by being prepared with suggestions and such.

ALSO, PARENTS and Scouts should be aware that it is TIME to re-register for another year of great scouting fun.  Our renewal is due by the end of January and I’m working with our district team to confirm the precise cost for each of us (I believe the insurance rate went up this year).  As soon as I can get you the details, I will.  

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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