Northern NJ Council Listening Sessions

On Monday evening, at 11:45 PM I received a blast email announcing that Northern New Jersey Council BSA would be conducting two “information/listening meetings so our stakeholders may share their thoughts on the BSA Membership Standards and potential changes in the policies”

I re-distributed the email to our troop families immediately on Tuesday morning so that they’d have an opportunity to request one of 50 spots available at one or the other meeting.

Unfortunately, only one family indicated that they’d be available on such short notice to attend.    Even I, as scoutmaster, couldn’t attend as the meeting was wedged between a Roundtable on Tuesday and preparations for multiple FOS presentations I was making on behalf of our District.

prepared for life blog bannerToday, I heard from a dad from our troop who did attend.  Much to our collective surprise, the board made a point of noting the low attendance at the first meeting.  The audience responded by stating what should have been obvious — little and late notice of a meeting in the middle of a week on a school night (and where the invitation says don’t come unless you get a confirmation from our team that we have space for you) isn’t the way to assure a large turnout.

In talking with our troop dad, we formed an impression (hopefully inaccurately) that the board seemed to think that based on the numbers of people in the room that nobody cares about the issue.

If you are a scout parent, or unit volunteer, charter organization rep or charter organization head within the Northern New Jersey Council, please contact our scout headquarters office to get on the agenda for the next and final meeting.

Regardless of your position — let your voice be heard.


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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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