Eagle Project – David T.

Our Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (and Crew President) has been working steadily on his Eagle Project, and it will soon come to fruition at the end of this month.

David has what I would describe as a “passionate gratitude” towards veterans.  This is a good and healthy respect for the sacrifices made in giving of oneself to separate from home, family, friends and local community to spend time in an adopted family while actively serving our country’s interests at home or abroad.

As David’s promotional flyer for his project states “It is important to show America’s Heroes that we in Scouting have not forgotten their sacrifice.”  Further, he relates this important message:

It is important to show to the veterans as they get older that we [still] appreciate their sacrifice for our freedom…Veterans have given up years of their lives to fight for our freedom and have seen their comrades in arms pay the ultimate price for that freedom. It is important to show them that we do not forget their sacrifice and that we are truly a grateful nation. 

Carillon001David’s project centers on the AMVETS Carillon in the Meadowlands.  Built and dedicated several years ago, the original flags are still flying, but becoming serviceable.  Additionally, while the site’s periodic maintenance has kept pace with time, there was an opportunity to push a little extra “spruce up” work by eager volunteers to restore the full shine of the site.

David saw the opportunity to raise money to replace the original flags with duplicates, and to lead a clean up brigade of scouts in minor repairs and attention to details.

All of this would culminate in a re-dedication ceremony to install the new flags.  This ceremony is scheduled for 2 PM on April 27, 2013.

Veterans groups have been contacted and invited to participate, and we’ve been in the process of rounding up scout units to participate also.

Where: AMVETS Memorial Carillon — Disposal Road in North Arlington, NJ (Accessed from Valley Brook Ave in Lyndhurst or Schuyler Ave in North Arlington, NJ / near the Meadowlands Environmental Center)

Please plan on coming out to say “Thank You” once again to our heroes.  Your participation would also serve to encourage our scouts to recognize the importance of never forgetting and making it a priority in their lives to remember the past as a way to honor those who have served to maintain our freedoms.


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