BSA membership policy resolution released, will be voted on in May

Troop 113 Families, please check out the link (above) for an update on the BSA membership policy issue. A resolution has been drafted which will be voted on in May. The text of which can be reviewed at this same link. Additional information about the listening sessions and surveys can be found at

and the “Full Text” of the membership resolution can be found here —

Bryan on Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America’s Executive Committee today released its membership policy resolution, which proposes removing the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and maintaining the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America.

The resolution, if passed, would be effective Jan. 1, 2014. You can read a summary below or see the complete text at this link (PDF).

Next up, the resolution is sent to all voting delegates, a group of volunteers from every BSA council, who will put it to a vote at the National Annual Meeting next month.

The resolution comes after a lengthy review process in which the BSA gathered perspectives from inside and outside the Scouting family. The five-page Membership Standards Study Initiative Executive Summary (PDF) explains in detail the key findings from this review.

For those with questions, the BSA has prepared…

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One Response to BSA membership policy resolution released, will be voted on in May

  1. eric says:

    Am I reading this correctly? Does the majority of youth members of Scouting believe the Chartering Organization should abandon their own beliefs because there are different standards at other organizations?
    Data from the Youth Study Group:
    The Youth Study Group (teens 16 to 18) was charged with listening to the voice of youth—both current members and nonmembers. Harris Interactive was contracted to survey both current youth members as well as general population teens. Key findings include:
    • Among general population teens and Boy Scouts and Venturers alike, a majority oppose the current Boy Scouts of America membership policy.
    • A majority of Boy Scouts and Venturers oppose allowing chartered organizations to follow their own beliefs if that means there will be different standards from one organization to the next.
    • According to a majority of current Boy Scouts and Venturers, the current policy does not represent a core value of Scouting.

    My response: As a Scout leader, I have failed to teach what it means to be morally straight.

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