The Boy Scouts and America’s growing rebellion against God

An interesting perspective on the recent vote on membership at bsa

Thoughts En Route

Well, how sad. In a move that makes no “carnal” or moral sense, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has decided to change its position and allow homosexual scouts but not homosexual leaders. If this is news to you, you can read about it here: “Boy Scouts vote to lift ban on [homosexual] youth” (or, frankly, you can read about it just about anywhere; the media seems to be having a party).

Looking purely from an argumentative standpoint, morality aside, the decision seems inept. It is not a compromise that will satisfy those behind the homosexual agenda in the matter. It is only a half-measure, and, as many have already made clear, they will not stop until the whole measure is in place: where distinctions between homosexual and heterosexual identifications play no role at all in Scout matters and homosexuals are allowed as leaders, as well. So the decision won’t…

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2 Responses to The Boy Scouts and America’s growing rebellion against God

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Troop113. As I said on my own blog in the comments, we are thinking of you guys, and in the decisions y’all will certainly have to face it looks as though you are focusing on the right things to guide you through them. Nothing is more sure and solid than the Rock, and the guidance provided by your Troop number’s scriptural inspiration is crucial in a time such as this. As my Australian friends say, “good on you” for that. Thanks, again.

  2. Troop113 says:

    You’re very welcome. Your blog offers very crucial points for all of our families to consider. Some families (not from our troop) have argued that until a gay youth shows up at our door, nothing’s changed, but our continuing membership in BSA supports the decision-makers who’ve taken the organization across a line that won’t be easily (or likely) reversed. 2 Cor 6:14-18 suggests that it’s time to leave in order to preserve our saltiness and to continue to shine as a city — set apart on a high hill, not down in the dumps where our light is diffused and obscured. Yes, we continue to help people who need salvation, but where we do that from (our operating base) has been compromised.

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