Insider’s Advice — What To Take To Camp

wpid-2011-07-03_19-57-54_478.jpgOn an internet board that focuses on scout issues, the adult scouters discussed things to bring to camp to make the week long experience a little more comfortable.  Some were not too surprising, but others were interesting.

Here are some of the highlights from these discussions.

“I don’t know what’s on your list but I’m unpacking from camp now and here’s what I’m finding that wasn’t on my camp’s list: 

1. Solar charger for my cell phone 
2. Rug/floor mat for inside my tent by my cot 
3. Single serving packets of French Vanilla creamer 
4. Large travel mug for coffee 
5. Battery operated fan 
6. Multi-tool 
7. Duct tape 
8. Ear plugs

“Another item(s) I bring that is not on the list, but someone recommended, are dryer sheets. Bounce, in particular. 

Now you may be saying, “Roger, why are you washing clothes during Scout Camp?” Well, here’s the secret. Bounce dryer sheets serve two other purposes during camp: 

1) They leave my tent smelling fresh and clean. 

2) They ward off mosquitoes and and other pests. 

I sleep with netting but the dryer sheets help keep out the bugs when I’m in the tent during non-sleeping hours. I place one in each nook and corner of the tent and on the corners of my cot. About 10-12 sheets. If, by midweek, they are losing their kick, I replace them all.

“a spare fleece blanket or two, which can be rolled up for a pillow, used by itself on warmer nights, or add warmth to a sleeping bag on cooler nights, or add some padding/cushion to the bunk.

“…our camp had an outbreak of a stomach bug. Many troops did not have disinfectant and/or hand sanitizer with them. I think that was what kept our troop from having more than one boy get sick.

How about you?  Feel free to leave productive comments to add to the list.


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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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One Response to Insider’s Advice — What To Take To Camp

  1. great tip about the bounce dryer sheets – I had no idea they kept the mozzies at bay!

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