Beagle Scout Snoopy

935206_556044397779654_1249995997_nCharles Schultz created a wonderful comic strip called Peanuts a long time ago.  One of my favorite characters is Charlie Brown’s dog “Snoopy”.

Snoopy is quite a quirky fellow who prefers to sleep on top of his dog house instead of inside, and he likes to assume the roles of various imaginary characters he creates in his mind (i.e. a World War I flying ace, Blackbeagle – the world famous pirate, “Joe Cool” and many more).

According to the Peanuts Wiki, the first strip appearance of Snoopy as a scout was on May 13 1974. Snoopy revealed that he was a “tenderpaw” when Lucy asked what kind 280px-Beaglescout-717667-1-of scout he was.  Further, on Snoopy’s first hike he gets lost in the woods and is rescued by Loretta, a scruffy looking girl scout selling cookies. When Snoopy comes back home Lucy calls him a disgrace to the Beagle Scouts and when Charlie Brown asks him about his compass skills Snoopy admits he thought N meant “nowhere”.   Snoopy’s bird friends first joined him as Beagle Scouts in the strip from June 9, 1974.beaglescout2-715013

It seems that I’m not the only Scoutmaster who enjoys “Beagle Scout Snoopy” — The Hallmark company has been producing an annual Christmas Tree Ornament featuring Beagle Scout Snoopy since 2007.  Further, another Scoutmaster has been blogging about each ornament as it’s been released.  Check it out!



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Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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