Advancement in Summer Camp, BSA Style

Advancement News 9 2013

The August/September issue of “Advancement News” from BSA’s advancement team included an interesting article that summarized a recent survey.

800 scout leaders participated in the survey in order to provide feedback on what their scouts do/did at summer camp in terms of advancement work.

One of the key questions focused on which top five Merit Badges are most commonly pursued among first year, second year and third year campers.  Swimming and First Aid were the overwhelming selections for first year campers, and the results became more varied among the second and third year campers.

Summer Camp MB List 2013 survey

67% of the respondents suggested that badges with long reporting periods (i.e. 90 day logs, 12 weeks of noting chores, etc.) should not be offered at camp.  Similarly, there was “strong opposition” to offering any of the “Citizenship” badges at camp.


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  1. Alan Casey says:

    Paul Safety from the Trail Life forum, Could I get a copy of your power point on Trail life. Here is our site I want to use some to educate our new parents.

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