December Schedule for Troop 113

Tonight (December 2nd) – Meeting @ FBC 7 PM – If you can be there, please plan on attending — bring any advancement work you’d like to try to wrap up.

December 9th (next week) – Meeting @ FBC 7 PM – Please review your current advancement records — are you missing any merit badge patches, etc?  Please let us know by email or phone ASAP so that we can get you current.

Are you planning on continuing with BSA?  We have to know who is continuing so that we can prepare print outs of ScoutNet records for you so that if you decide to join another troop or crew (or lone-scout) you’ll have your proof of work already accomplished.

If you plan on joining a different youth leadership program (i.e. Trail Life or Christian Service Brigade, etc.) you’ll still want a print out of ScoutNet records as most advancement work will transfer.

However, there’s a lot of paper to print — so let us know if you want or need these records!

December 16thdeadline for registering for Bowl-a-thon (12/27).  The Troop will pick up the cost out of our remaining funds, but we need the names of each bowler in order to register.  Have already confirmed that one family will be out of town and another family will be there!

Troop meeting at FBC 7 PM — do we want to plan a special event for our “final meeting”?

December 23rd – We may cancel this meeting.

December 27th (Friday) – Bowl-A-Thon at same place as last year — details by email.


NOTE:  After this event, the troop plans to surrender its charter to the Council and cease operation; therefore, it is vital that anyone pursuing Eagle during 2014 meet with SM Farrell to determine how to approach that goal (i.e. join another troop, register as a lone scout, etc.)

Anyone interested in joining Trail Life USA, please consider joining Trail Life Troop 777 in Montville as we will not be offering Trail Life at First Baptist Church during the Spring of 2014 (we will re-investigate this option in the summer for a possible Fall start of TLUSA).

There are several reasons for this course of action:

  1. FBC Hackensack is promoting a formal teen, co-ed youth group on Wednesday evenings at 7:00-8:30 PM  All current scouts are welcome to come and check it out.
  2. It is much more difficult to launch a new venture in the middle of the school year, and get parental support, than to try starting it in the Fall with prep work being done during the summer.
  3. During the past year, our troop has shrunk from 18 scouts to 8 scouts as families have dropped out due to the membership changes, schedule conflicts,  Most of those remaining families have already signaled their intent to not continue with BSA in 2014.
  4. However, we have too few families and adults to complete the charter process at TLUSA (we lack the critical mass to launch and sustain the troop and we have no access to additional resources (i.e. adult volunteers, etc.))
  5. SM Farrell and some of the other adult leaders have been asked to take on new responsibilities with either/both work, church, family, etc. that preclude their launching a new unit at the present time.

About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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