Tonight’s Meeting is ON

neckerchief-artists-rendering.jpgI think that the weather conditions for this evening should be safe and OK for a meeting at our normal time (it is forecast that temps through midnight will be well above freezing)

However, if you’re not comfortable driving, or are concerned about changing weather conditions in the evening, it’s OK to skip the meeting.  BE SAFE.  Follow your conscience.

If you are NOT coming, please remember to let me know your position on Trail Life USA.   We will be joining with T-777 as a dedicated patrol that can meet on our own time for advancement and activities.  This has been confirmed.  If and when we would launch our own TL-113 at our own facility for K-12, we’ll simply transfer over our members to the new TL troop.

I’ve gotten several requests for ScoutNet records, but I have not had time to print them out (since I was traveling last week into the weekend).

December 16th – deadline for registering for Bowl-a-thon (12/27).  The Troop will pick up the cost out of our remaining funds, but we need the names of each bowler in order to register.

Troop meeting at FBC 7 PM — do we want to plan a special event for our “final meeting”?

December 23rd – We may cancel this meeting — have heard from one family about the date so far.

December 27th (Friday) – Bowl-A-Thon at same place as last year — details by email.


About Troop113

Our Troop # comes from Psalm 1:1-3 - describing the men we want our scouts to become
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