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Simon Sinek on Leadership

…we also model it through our leadership principles of Primus Inter Pares (first among equals) and “BE-KNOW-DO” which emphasizes character, skill mastery and an urgent sense of engagement… Continue reading

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Paradoxical MB Development?

There is nothing wrong with enabling boys to learn relevant skills to explore potential hobbies or occupations so long as we don’t lose sight of the core mission. Continue reading

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First Class in First Year?

Recently, a boy scout forum participant asked the following question; “Where do you stand on “first class first year”?” Over the years that my boys were involved in Scouting (2008-2013), I’ve been told that First Class First Year (FCFY) came … Continue reading

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Misaligned Objectives May Lead to Unintended Results

A colleague recently shared an article of interest titled “How to Raise a Pagan Kid in a Christian Home”.  That article, in full, can be reviewed by clicking HERE. The blog author interviewed Phil Vischer (the creator of “Veggie Tales”) … Continue reading

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The Day Everything Changed

One year ago, I had been contacted by colleagues that a board meeting would be held in the following week to change membership policy at BSA with no discussion among, input from or consent of thousands of Chartering Organizations.  The … Continue reading

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Troop 113 Cornbread

On a recent camp out, we made cheesy cornbread in dutch ovens.  It was a huge success and I’ve been getting requests for the recipe from scouts and their moms. I think that any food made over a campfire, on … Continue reading

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Wilderness Survival Weekend

This past weekend, Troop 113 teamed up with Troop 777 for a “wilderness survival weekend” featuring a remote wilderness site on the far side of lake Winnebago. The site was a mile hike from the parking lot and backpacking skills … Continue reading

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