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Simon Sinek on Leadership

…we also model it through our leadership principles of Primus Inter Pares (first among equals) and “BE-KNOW-DO” which emphasizes character, skill mastery and an urgent sense of engagement… Continue reading

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Advancement Done Right

Although the various methods of scouting are equally important and equally vital to a balanced and well run program, some capture more attention than others. The Patrol Leadership Council has an opportunity to work with the adult leaders and the … Continue reading

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Belief in God…

Scouting Magazine publishes many interesting articles throughout the year, and the accompanying blog “Bryan on Scouting” is equally interesting.  Sometimes they cover issues that arise from controversial decisions or program elements. At the blog site they’ve published an article titled “About … Continue reading

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What’s Your Vision?

Originally posted on Trail Life Troop 113:
Robert Lewis, author of “Quest for Authentic Manhood” and “Raising a Modern-Day Knight: A Father’s Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood” has been quoted as saying: “What hurts men the most is…

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When Weakness = Strength

Originally posted on Trail Life Troop 113:
I read a great blog article today titled “Learning to Be a Weak Leader” (Click HERE to see article).  It was a strange title, but the article was “spot on” at reminding me of…

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Evolving Perspectives on Leadership

Leadership for start ups versus established organizations often looks a bit distinctive from each other, and for good reason.  The leader of a start-up has to have single minded focus while (almost) single-handedly dealing with a hailstorm of obstacles and … Continue reading

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What Makes a Leader?

Repost from http://mensteppingupblog.com/2014/03/18/what-makes-a-leader/ Check out this video and remember there are a lot of young men who don’t have exposure to leadership development thru Scouting or other programs. Donovan Campbell, author of The Leader’s Code, offers the following quote from Characteristics … Continue reading

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