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Belief in God…

Scouting Magazine publishes many interesting articles throughout the year, and the accompanying blog “Bryan on Scouting” is equally interesting.  Sometimes they cover issues that arise from controversial decisions or program elements. At the blog site they’ve published an article titled “About … Continue reading

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First Class in First Year?

Recently, a boy scout forum participant asked the following question; “Where do you stand on “first class first year”?” Over the years that my boys were involved in Scouting (2008-2013), I’ve been told that First Class First Year (FCFY) came … Continue reading

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When scouting is in the blood, under the skin and hardwired

Scouting has always been a prominent part of my life experience.  My father was a Life Scout prior to shipping off to Germany at the close of World War II, and he served as ASM for our local troop.  My … Continue reading

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Soccer player admits he wasn’t fouled, rejects penalty kick

Originally posted on For The Win:
Soccer players have been known to take dives, especially in the penalty box, on occasion when things aren’t going their way. But in a crucial Bundesliga game between Werder Bremen and FC Nürnberg —…

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Are You Ready for Natural Disasters?

The 1911 BSA Handbook states …The motto, “Be Prepared,” means that the scout is always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do his duty. To be prepared in mind, by having disciplined himself to be obedient, … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts’ Compromise Happened Long Ago

Boy Scouts’ Compromise Happened Long Ago. (LINK) Repost of an article (from a year ago) by another thoughtful blogger that was pivotal in changing the way I looked at BSA.  It’s not about membership issues for me — now or … Continue reading

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Reaching the Modern-Day Fatherless

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America, one out of three children in America, now live in biological father-absent homes.  Boys with missing dads grow up with many obstacles in their way — this isn’t to … Continue reading

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