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Mastering Scoutcraft via The Klondike Derby

Scoutcraft is a term used to cover a variety of specialized knowledge and skills considered essential to safely enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, boating, climbing, etc.  The specific areas of expertise may vary slightly, but typically include:  camping (in … Continue reading

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Bowling Outing (12/26/2011)

On Monday morning our troop went bowling.  Everyone had a great time.  SM Farrell (code-named Captain America) managed to score a 113 on his first game — the same as our troop number! At least we didn’t get snowed out … Continue reading

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Are you a bridge builder?

Recently, a scouter shared an old poem about a weary traveler with me as an encouragement to renew my commitment to the scouting program.  I thought I’d share it here as an encouragment to other adult leaders as to why … Continue reading

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Candle Ceremony: Eight Methods of Scouting

During our Troop Court of Honor programs, we often incorporate a candle lighting ceremony to add a dramatic flair to the evening.  The Court of Honor held last night was no exception.  Here is the scripting we used for the … Continue reading

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Scoutmaster Minute: Leadership Development

One of the eight methods of scouting is Leadership Development.  Interestingly in our 100+ years of scouting in the USA, Leadership Development has only been explicitly included in our methods since 1972 – for about the last 40 years.  Why did … Continue reading

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Troop Meeting Recap (12/12/2011)

Last night, our troop held its third formal Court of Honor (COH) program.  We typically get the badges and recognition patches distributed promptly after each scout completes the requirements, but we also like to hold a ceremony to give the scouts an opportunity … Continue reading

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Troop Meeting Recap (12/5/2011)

Our new troop meeting program features patrol meetings and PLC meeting on the first Monday of each month.  This evening’s session also included a practice session for our upcoming Court of Honor program. The PLC meeting provided time to refine … Continue reading

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